Quality Control – ISO9001 – Customer Satisfaction

Astrapac is fully committed to provide its clientele with Quality Assured product, designed, manufactured and tested within a Quality Controlled Environment which encompasses Constant Quality Improvement.
In order to achieve this objective, the company provides all the necessary training for its staff either on an internal or external basis, so that they will individually develop the maximum competency skill for the task in hand at the time.
To conform with the requirements of the Quality Standard BS EN 9001, a formal Documented Quality Management System has been developed, implemented and is being maintained, the outcome of which is monitored and analysed for Quality Improvement.
All Products are manufactured and tested to comply with all relevant British and International Standards, also meeting the safety requirements of CE.
Astrapac have set measurable “Quality Objectives”
The management holds at least one Management Review Meeting per year to evaluate and take appropriate action, on all aspects of the working of the Quality Management System within the company to show that there is an environment wherby Continual Quality Improvement is being achieved.