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Validatable High Spec POLY H VP Model for both Plastic & Laminated bags

Product Description

The latest high spec continuous feed sealer, suitable for sealing both Single Webbed Plastic and Laminated Films, with the ability to seal through gussets and folds. This model is horizontally arranged for the hand feeding of small to medium size flat packs.

The main feature of the H POLY VP model, is that it is fully validatable, with continual monitoring of all three sealing parameters, temperature, speed and pressure. Incorporated is an out of tolerance parameter alarm & stop function.

Other features include an internal bag gripper system, to hold and support the bag top as it passes through the sealer. The adjustable hand feed chute sets the seal height in relation to the top of the pack.

IMPORTANT. Pack weights above 100g do require the use of a pack support as they pass through the sealer. For laminated films a simply product support tray will suffice. Single web plastic films require a speed match moving support as a mini belt conveyor or similar.

Its operating principal is the use of carrier belts to transport the bag top through the machines sealing processes, a Teflon band is used to transfers heat into to the film, prior to an exit pressure wheels producing a distinctive knurled appearance to the seal.

Consult with Astrapac on the suitability of this model for your application.


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